Time Management without Gadgets


“Time is Money!”

You might have heard this so many times from the people who have used this money to achieve success. But, have you ever tried to know how they achieved success. The only reason behind their success is Time Management, which is not an easy deal.

Successful entrepreneurs say that one who knows how to manage time, when to do a specific task, and how to prioritize works, is near to success. And, this is the most difficult task to do. Nowadays, people take help of gadgets for time management, but here I give you some unconventional time management tips that do not need gadgets.

Here I Go…

  • Create a list of your works (To-do-list) for every day in a traditional notebook not in gadgets like smartphone
  • Once you have created to-do-list, set the priority of the tasks you need to do because the most important task must be done first and the least important tasks should be done in the last
  • Break down your list (if it is big) into small lists
  • Decide how much time you have for a task; you can create a table to set time period for different tasks
  • Never forget the next day; create a to-do-list for the next day in advance

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